Nortek Security and Control

Nortek Security & Control, LLC (NSC) is a leader in wireless Security, Home Automation and Personal Safety systems and devices. NSC has more than 4 million commercial, residential, and personal systems deployed and more than 20 million connected wireless devices. NSC’s service provider and dealer partners – as well as end-customers – trust NSC countless times a day to protect what matters most and to make their lives easier.  NSC is transforming the Security, Smart Home, Personal Health and Wellness markets with its trusted brands:  2GIG®, Linear®, Numera® and GoControl®.

Innovation and manufacturing excellence is in our DNA.  From the world’s first wireless garage door opener, to voice-guided systems, to stylish touchscreen controls, NSC is at the forefront of the Security and Smart Home industry.  NSC is pushing the boundaries of technology to create a safer, smarter, and more connected world. NSC partners experience faster installations, enhanced add-ons with superior compatibility to enable more upsell and cross-sell solutions backed with trusted brand performance.  NSC end-customers enjoy reliable and easy to use solutions that will make you smile with confidence and be the envy of your business competitors and neighbors.

Nortek Security & Control. Making it easy, so you can make it happen.