TASC started in 1975 with a simple yet innovative idea of enabling small businesses to reap the same tax-advantages as larger companies. After forty-five years in business with a new innovation every 2 years, TASC now serves over 80,000 small, medium and large customers and is blazing new trails with Universal Benefit Account. Our team of over 1,200 employee delivers employee benefits, compliance and continuation services to 2 million participants across the nation. 

Mission: Improve the health, wealth, and well-being of our customers, employees, and community.

Vision: We are a driven and visionary company, setting goals and the steps to reach them. We strive to:

  • Be the recognized leader in third-party benefits administration in the markets we serve.
  • Achieve double-digit growth every year with positive returns and low debt.
  • Be a high-performance, engaged, and community-minded workforce.

Values: Our attitudes and behavior to reflect what truly matters to us, our values are how we tick and work.

     How We Tick

  • Innovative Agile Mindsets - Striving to be creative and nimble in our work and our points of view.
  • Fun & Caring Community - Advancing a professional, inclusive work environment that encourages fun and philanthropy.
  • Mutual Respect & Recognition - Valuing the contributions, opinions, and inputs of employees and customers.

     How We Work

  • High Performance Growth - Achieving extraordinary outcomes through the extraordinary contribution of employees.
  • Right-Touch Customer Experience - Enabling our customers to select the nature and the frequency in which they interact with us allowing them to make the most out of our relationship.
  • Efficient & Financially Accountable - Developing solutions that streamline processes and produce more efficient and effective outcomes for our customers and us